ResellerClub API Integration On PHP

ResellerClub platform powers some of the world’s most popular web hosts, domain resellers, web designers and technology consultant. ResellerClub provides scalable and secure Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting as well as VPS solutions.

ResellerClub provide us the Reseller Program along with a selling tool like Supersite Storefront, Control Panel, API Integration and Billing Integration. The HTTP API provides a simple way to integrate the functionality of our Reseller platform with your Storefront, Control Panel or Application. You can leverage existing HTTP libraries available in almost all programming languages and try out or test the API easily using your favorite browser.

Check Domain Availability and Suggestions Using Reseller club API

ResellerClub API Integration On PHP needs the reseller id and API key. Here are the some of the steps to obtain,

Reseller ID

Get Reseller ID from profile details, Refere the attached screenshot to obtain Reseller ID form our account.


To Get the API Key from our account, We need to navigate Settings -> API. Then, By clicking on View API Key you will get the API key. Simultaneously you need to add your IP address to Whitelist your IP Addresses

Note : You must whitelist the IP addresses from where your calls will be made


After you got API Key and Reseller ID then configure on our code. Configuration can be done on functions.php as seen on the below code snippet.

// Configuration Of Reseller Club API
public $api_user_id = "XXX";
public $api_key = "YYY";

Click on the below link to download and view demo. Thanks again for reading this post with patience.


Demo Download


April 15, 2017 : Fixed warning and null value error.
May 8, 2017 : Improved Domain Suggestion (Included new API for domain suggestions)


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38 thoughts on “ResellerClub API Integration On PHP

  1. Hey!!!

    I have some trouble with code when I configured all code (i.e. API Key, API user id, and also added white list ip) but when I checked any domain it show Not Available with all the domain I search

    please help me

    1. Hi Buchi,

      It’s similar to the code, Which we are using here. But, It will various depends on your use like shortcode, page template or similar.


  2. Verry nice, a question if i want this to work on my wordpress site that is clean on just a empty page. What do i need to do?

    Best regards

  3. Hello Siva Sankar Sir,

    This demo work only your code, I was Download the code and run then search it’s generate below error..

    Notice: Undefined variable: data in E:\xampp\htdocs\azhar\resellerclub-api-master\php\functions.php on line 29

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in E:\xampp\htdocs\azhar\resellerclub-api-master\php\functions.php on line 34

    I want search domain and its availability on my site’s same page so what can i do…?

    my project site is single page, and i want same page search and get result below the “Search textbox”.

    Thanks in Advance…!
    Azhar Deraiya

        1. Yeah, Something wrong, Its showing “Not Available” for all domain.
          Will check and update the code, Seems their may REST API change on resellerclub


      1. i added my ip to wishlist on ResellerClub,but not work ,and when i removed my local ip and add it again ,also not work now why ? !! what can i do ?

  4. Warning: Illegal string offset ‘status’ in
    while integrating i am getting the above error kindly help

  5. hello, i want to show customer the price of those domains also which i Fixed. how can i show them price of the domain on right side of that domain available or not

  6. It worked for me just perfect thank you!! Is there possibility to continue this project like buy domain and assign emails to it and so on ?

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