Install μTorrent (uTorrent) on Ubuntu (Linux)

µTorrent (uTorrent) is a free, closed source, and most widely used BitTorrent client available in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The program was designed to use minimal computer resources while offering functionality comparable to larger BitTorrent clients.

µTorrent for Linux is composed of a µTorrent server and a web based client. Below is the tutorial to show how to install µTorrent in Ubuntu.

How to Install μTorrent (uTorrent) on Ubuntu (Linux) ?

  • First, We need to download µTorrent Server through our browser or via terminal.
  • Now, Extract the file using the below command
    cd '/home/siva/Downloads'
    #Replace 'siva' with your username
    sudo tar xvzf utserver.tar.gz
  • Rename the folder to make simple
    sudo mv utorrent-server-alpha-v3_3 utorrent
  • Next, run the commands below to move utorrent files to the /opt directory.
    sudo mv '/home/siva/Downloads/utorrent' /opt/
  • Then run the commands below to change the permission on utorrent folder.
    sudo chmod -R 777 /opt/utorrent/
  • Next, Run the commands below to link µTorrent server to the /user/bin directory.
    sudo ln -s /opt/utorrent/utserver /usr/bin/utserver
  • Finally, Run the commands below to start µTorrent.
    utserver -settingspath /opt/utorrent/
  • Now that µTorrent server is started, open your web browser (Chrome/Firefox) and type the address below.
    The username is admin and leave the password field empty.

μTorrent (uTorrent) on Ubuntu (Linux)


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