Building an Alexa Skills as a Web Service With Express, Node.js & MongoDB

On last article we have seen, How to build an Amazon Alexa Skill with AWS Lambda Function (Blueprints). In this article we are going to build an Amazon Alexa Skills Application with Node.js, MongoDB and Express framework. Express is a minimal and flexible Node.js web application framework that provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applications.

How to build an Amazon Alexa Skills as a Web Service ?

  • Use our demo source code from GitHub its live sports application build with MEAN stack.
  • Host your Amazon Alexa Skills application on your server. (Like : ngrok, Heroku, AWS, Digital Ocean, etc.., )
  • Note your Endpoint/Server URL. (Make sure it should have https)
  • On Amazon Developer Portal,  Go to Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console
  • Click Create Skill, Enter the name of your skill (e.g. codeworx)
  • On choose a model to add to your skill step, Choose Custom and then click Create skill. Now Alexa Skill is created successfully.
  • Enter an invocation name for your skill (e.g. codeworx). This name is used to invoke your skills from Alexa devices.
  • Add your Intents, Samples, and Slots, Just copy and paste the JSON from Git to JSON Editor on Alexa Skill.
  • On Endpoint, Choose HTTPS as service endpoint type and add Server URL/Endpoint at Default Region.
  • Click Build Model to build your Alexa Skill
  • Finally, Your Alexa Skill setup completed successfully

Test Your Alexa Skills

On your Amazon Alexa developer console, Go to “Test” and enable “Test is enabled for this skill”. Enter/Ask the following to the Alexa.

  • Alexa open codeworx (To Start)
  • open codeworx and give me live update (Get Live Update)
  • open codeworx and Let’s Play the game (Start Play)


You can download the source code via GitHub. Downloaded source code can be run/executed with the following commands,

npm install #Install packages dependencies
node app    #Start the Server/Application

Please leave your valuable comments/suggestions/feedback on below comment box if any.
You can also contact me if your facing any problem/issues with the source code.
Thank You !!


SIVA SANKAR, Working as a Software Engineer, Blogging is my hobby. I completed my Bachelors of Engineering (Computer Science Engineering) in Chennai, India. and my Master of Engineering (Embedded System Technologies) in Tamilnadu, India.

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