MongoDB – GridFS Using Mongoose On Node.js

MongoDB and Node.js are often used together because of their shared use of JavaScript and its object notation (JSON & BSON). MongoDB is a type of NoSQL database will stores its data in documents. MongoDB stores data as BSON with a limitation of document size 16 MB, Where BSON is a binary serialization format used to store documents and make remote procedure calls in MongoDB. GridFS is MongoDB’s solution for storing and retrieving files that exceed the BSON-document size limit of 16 MB. Instead of storing a file in a single document, GridFS divides the file into parts, or chunks, and stores each chunk as a separate document.

Now, This post discuss about integration of GridFS Using Mongoose On Node.js, Where Mongoose is an object data modeling (ODM) library that provides a rigorous modeling environment for your data, enforcing structure as needed while still maintaining the flexibility that makes MongoDB powerful.

Source Code :

Snippet describes storing and retrieving files from database with GridFS. So, I have created a various routing to demonstrate GridFS functionality.

  • /write Writing a file from local path to MongoDB
  • /read Check if file exits, and then read the file from MongoDB
  • /delete Delete file from MongoDB
  • /meta Get file meta from MongoDB

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